One of the first areas of the business to look at for financial performance and competitive advantage is revenue growth. There are a variety of ways Connected Planning can improve revenue growth, including:

Especially in a down economy, with the automatic reaction to cut costs, Connected Planning can help ensure you cut the ‘‘right’’ costs and that the removal of those costs doesn’t adversely impact profitable revenue or future market share. Connected Planning can impact this area in many ways, for example:

Accelerating your cash cycle gives you more confidence in working capital, better opportunities for investments, and improves overall efficiencies. Connected Planning efforts can include:

Gathering and sharing information on Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), and Days in Inventory (DII) — delivered to the right people in the organization (and tied to employee rewards) — can have a positive impact on cash cycle Cash-Flow forecasting and Working Capital analysis can help improve the cost of capital, debt ratios, and can reduce risk.

Ensuring that assets such as plants, production lines, or equipment, are being employed in profitable activities is the way of an efficient organization. A couple of ways that Connected Planning can impact your return on assets include:

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