There is a drought of measurable, discrete talent for highly sought-after skill sets in rapidly growing fields, such as the Anaplan ecosystem. Skill Factory™ is an instruction, learning and skill-development platform that is committed to creating opportunities for high achieving college students and professionals, current Anaplan customers, and fellow Anaplan partners to hone their competency and enhance their ability to bring strategic value to their endeavors.

Tap into a rapidly growing and lucrative job market by adding the Anaplan certification to your resume, in addition to complementary soft skills, a highly sought-after skill set.

For large customers struggling to cultivate organic Anaplan talent inside your organization and create a sustainable Center of Excellence, reach out to learn about our "COE as a Service" or Managed Services programs, where we train your people by the dozens.


For large Anaplan consultancies seeking to hire and expand their practice, reach out to hear about our many phenomenal Skill Factory alumni.