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Empower your government agency with Anavate Partners' advanced connected planning solutions, tailored for the unique challenges of the public sector. In the complex realm of state and federal governance, effective decision-making is paramount. Anavate Partners' integrated planning platform provides a comprehensive solution, fostering collaboration, enhancing transparency, and driving efficiency across government functions. From budget allocation to program management, our connected planning approach ensures agility and responsiveness. Embrace a new era of governance where data-driven insights lead to better outcomes for citizens. Partner with Anavate for a smarter, more connected public sector that delivers results with precision and purpose.

Customer Success Stories


New York COVID-19 Capacity Planning 

Anavate Partners worked with the state of New York to help implement a Covid-19 Vaccine tracking solution using Anaplan. The solution was able to carry out high level Workforce planning by site, by role, and by regulatory requirements. The solution forecasted demand by expected testing volume and related capacity by site. To meet demand and inventory management the solution was able to integrate into Supply planning for on hand PPE and testing inventory. It was also able to have daily forecasts for Call Centre demand. 

Implementation Benefits

Increased Visibility of Profit by Customer 

Enhanced Forecasting Controls

Precise Headcount Planning Controls 

Flexible Distribution Prioritization Engine 

Ramping Vaccination Rates per Day

End to End Supply Chain Planning

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